The Easiest Way to Shop for Restaurant Equipment and Supplies

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The Easiest Way to Shop for Restaurant Equipment and Supplies

shop for restaurant equipment and supplies

Time. Whether you’re a foodservice operator in Washington, D.C. or Washington State, time is one of your most valuable commodities. And in the restaurant industry, there isn’t a whole lot of it. So when you need to shop for restaurant equipment and supplies, you need the process to not only be quick, but easy too. At NSB Equipment, we’re excited to introduce a new way to make the buying process easier than ever for foodservice operators.

Introducing the Brand New NSB Equipment Online Store.

As you may have noticed, our website has undergone some new and exciting changes. Our goal? Take the stress out of shopping for foodservice equipment, and put the time back in you, the operator’s hands. We all shop online these days, whether it’s for clothes, dog food, and even cars. So why shouldn’t the restaurant supply shopping experience be just as convenient?

Now it is.

The NSB Equipment Online Store allows you to shop our Chantilly, Virginia showroom, from the comfort of your home, your restaurant, or while you’re sitting on the train. From front-of-house supplies to back-of-house heavy equipment, find it all right here in our virtual showroom. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

The Benefits to Shopping Online for Restaurant Supplies

Wading through brochures piled up on your desk, trying to find the right products for your commercial kitchen? Playing phone tag with a salesperson, hunting down product details and prices? It can be a time-consuming process. With our online store, you have access to our entire stock of products, complete with all the information and pricing you need to make an educated buying decision.

Taking inventory can be a hassle. But re-ordering supplies doesn’t have to be. With just a few clicks, operators can re-order equipment and supplies easily, and when it’s most convenient.

We want to make the online shopping experience as flexible for our customers as we can. Not only can you make purchases anywhere in the country, but if you live locally in the Virginia, Maryland, or Metro D.C. area, you can buy online and pick your order up, right in our store.

The NSB Equipment Online Store is Now Open

We invite you to visit our new online store, browse our vast selection foodservice solutions, and see just how easy it can be to shop for restaurant equipment and supplies. Click below to get started!


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