Trends That Restaurant Chains Should Look for in 2020

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Trends That Restaurant Chains Should Look for in 2020

Trends That Restaurant Chains Should Look for in 2020

As 2020 lingers closer, restaurant chains are looking to make significant changes in the new year. Being aware of these trends that restaurant chains should look for in 2020 is essential in regards to the competition and the needs of a customer base that is looking to redefine the restaurant experience. With accessibility, variety, and flexibility a part of customer desires in 2020, the following trends will begin generating on a national scale in all restaurant chains to accommodate their customers. 

Sustainability is on the rise. 

As a nation, there is a movement triggering businesses including restaurant chains to take on more economical and environmentally friendly options in their packaging and production. For many of these restaurant chains, they are looking for environmentally-friendly options that are also budget-friendly:


Sandwich/Entree packaging


For many of these restaurant chains, these are the most used in packaging options and they are looking for a way to continue offering sustainable options that will not force them to raise prices on their customers. Catering to a customer-base that is big on sustainability is also something that is important to them, requiring many of these chains to make this move in the approaching year. 

Make the move to technology.

While many restaurant chains have been gradually working towards embracing technology through apps, there is a big push to take a giant leap into this service option. Some of these leaps include easy order options where customers can place their own orders and pick them up, also known as self-service. Whether they order it through the app or in the restaurant, they can place the order themselves for order accuracy.

Some restaurants have tested their technology apps to not only allow patrons to pay for their food through the app but provide a table number and have it delivered to them within the restaurant, as well as outside. 

The Beyond Meat movement is on the rise. 

Choosing healthier food options are always on the minds of restaurant customers. As more and more customers take on vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, restaurant chains are following quickly with options that will allow them to enjoy their food and maintain their preferred lifestyle. Most of these new options are trending in the beyond meat hamburger patty that is compiled with cheese and other fresh toppings to give these customers a vegetarian burger option. 

The burger patties are not the only options, as chains that are famous for the chicken protein have started collaborating on a faux patty that is similar in texture and flavor to a chicken patty, but a plant-based protein. As the new year and decade approaches, they can expect even more options to develop as a way to accommodate this growing customer base. 

Delivery is making a comeback.

While there are restaurants who have been delivering for decades, restaurant chains, specifically in fast food, will be looking to add this option to their services for their customers. The quick and easy drive-thru that has been the staple of many fast-food restaurants is no longer enough for those who need delivery to their workplace or home.

As more areas continue to develop a growing population, the need for a delivery service is in demand. Customers are willing to pay the convenience fee to accommodate drivers and not have to leave their current location for traffic woes. Some restaurant chains have seen their sales double with the addition of delivery and launching of external delivery services who are willing to pick up food from non-deliverable restaurants and make the delivery with success.

Expect these trends soon!

Some of these trends are starting to take effect now in restaurant chains across the nation. As the year gets closer and the months start to turn, those restaurant chains that want to stay competitive and successful will find ways to accommodate these customer needs or find themselves filtering towards the bottom. 

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